The coastline from Ballito to Sheffield Beach sports interesting and diverse snorkelling opportunities with coral reefs, hundreds of fish species, nudibranchs and a range of crazy critters. 

Tidal Tao offer snorkelling in Ballito trips that last approximately 2 hours, dependant on preference and expertise - rated one of the top activities and things to do in Ballito on TripAdvisor! 

Beginners Snorkel: This popular trip usually starts in the morning on an outgoing tide and includes;

  • Refreshments and issue of snorkelling gear.
  • A short "skills" session on how to use the gear; remove water from the mask; move in the water and fix any problems that you may encounter.
  • A Swim while a guide points out fascinating marine life and keeps a beady eye on you 
  • You may view 20-50 species of fish; corals; a wide variety of invertebrates and big shoals swimming around. 

The experienced bubble blowers may select one of the following more advanced, unique, exploratory trips:

Night Snorkelling Safari: Not for the faint hearted! You are almost guaranteed to sight Octopus, unusual fish species and, with luck, may encounter phosphorescence ... a magical experience where the water glows around you as minute organisms light up, when disturbed.

Advanced Snorkelling Safari: At specific low tides you will explore secret, secluded pools where Nudibranchs, Flatworms and other rare marine life hide.

Night Walks & Marine Biology Programs: Theses walks are a gentle / casual stroll along the Rocky Shore exploring life in the rock pools. It is not overly strenuous in any way (although the rocks can be dangerously slippery sometimes if you're not firm footed) we hope to see creatures such as octopus, colourful sea slugs, bumblebee shrimp, strange crabs, moray eels as well as a range of other more usual animals you do not normally get to see during the heat of the day. We also bring UV lights with us, allowing you to see the incredible world of coral and zoanthids glowing under UV light, it's a sight to see! 

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