Everyone’s list of favourite things to do in Ballito, Salt Rock or Sheffield, surely includes “the beaches” after all, that's why you are here isn’t it, for the love of the beach? 

And the beaches in and around Ballito are rather special we think, actually hell no, they are very special! So if you think a beach is a beach, then you may want to read on and do some exploring of Ballito’s many gorgeous beaches. There is a lot more to this stretch of coastline than meets the eye. 

Christmas Bay

Why we love it: Christmas Bay beach is the furthermost of Ballito beaches from Ballito itself, Christmas Bay beach is always quiet, beautiful rock pools (which can be very slippery, so don't say we didn't warn you) and if you walk north, past the “point” you’ll find endless open sandy stretches that will make you feel like you have the entire province to yourself. If you’re feeling energetic, you can even walk all the way to Tinley Manor (it will take you about 45 minutes each way) ....if you're looking for a beach in Ballito that has unrivaled peace and quite, then this is the place.

Sheffield Beach

Why we love it: Sheffield has some of the most gorgeous rock pools and snorkeling areas on the North Coast and one of the more popular and least crowded of Ballito's Beaches. The beach is never that busy that you cannot find a nice quiet spot. Sheffield is also one of the best places to look out for marine mammals, especially dolphins in the early mornings. Some of the rock pools around Sheffield beach have incredible coral growth and fish.

Tiffany’s Beach & Granny’s Pool

Why we love it: One of the Ballito local’s favourite beaches, Granny’s pool is THE prefect place for children to play, a quiet, very protected, sandy tidal pool and endless stretches of open beach. Its no wonder Granny’s Pool is a firm favourite for locals. Just north of Granny’s is an area known as Tiffany’s beach. Not great for swimming but some excellent surf and offshore reefs, plus all round peace and quiet. You can walk for miles and miles along this stretch of sandy beach. There are no lifeguards at these beaches and the currents can be unpredictable, please be careful. 

Salt Rock Main Beach

Why we love it: Salt Rock Main Beach, beautiful, fun, family beach with great facilities, lifeguards and long stretches of sand. A hugely popular surfing spot too. Salt Rock main beach gets VERY VERY VERY busy during holiday season, so be warned. If you want to escape from the crowds, this one is not for you, if you enjoy the vibe and a young crowd, then perhaps it’s right up your alley.

Walking just north of Salt Rock main beach, directly opposite the campsite is a huge tidal pool, which offers reasonable snorkeling, and beautiful views over the ocean. 

Shaka's Rock Beach (Chaka's Rock)

Why we love it: Not great for swimming at all but the most beautiful and rich rocky shores in the area, some great tidal pools and coral growth. So much to explore, especially if you walk south of where all the crowds gather (which can only be done at low tide) – find your way past the big Tidal Pool and you will find a small set of stairs leading up, follow these stairs up to a bench overlooking the entire point, gorgeous views and not to be missed. This little walk is just one of those things you have to do when in Ballito. This is also a great area for viewing dolphins and whales (in winter months) – unfortunately, this area is also heavily poached for crayfish, muscles, octopus, corals etc… if you do see any suspicious activity, please report it. This is a very special place for all sorts of rocky shore creatures.

Thompson's Bay

Why we love it: Great swimming beach with lifeguards and a huge tidal pool that is prefect for fitness enthusiasts looking to do some laps. But, if you walk north or south of Thompson's Bay for just 10 minutes, you will find some very beautiful, quite little coves. Head south, through the hole in the wall (and make sure you don't get caught here by an incoming tide) and you will find two beautiful little coves that are often peaceful in comparison to the main beach area to the north. Or if you want some great views, walk north of the main beach, up the stairs to “high rock” – very popular with fisherman (and you can expect the normal fisherman’s bait and litter smell again) but you will no forget the incredible views over what must be one of the North Coast’s most beautiful bays. 

There you have it, don't say there is nothing to do in Ballito or activities in Ballito beaches are all crowded, you have plenty of exploring to do on the North Coast!

Willard's Beach

If you're looking for a bit of hustle and bustle, then head down to Willard's Beach, this is the single most popular beach in Ballito and very close to several hotels, restaurants and the main Campsite in Ballito. Lifeguards on duty, perfect swimming area and some great surf all around. Willard's beach is also home to a lot of activity during holiday season, from beach festivals to promotions, you will not get bored. Just behind Willard's Beach is a beautiful promenade / wooden walkway which links all the way through to Clarke Bay and the southern sections of Ballito, if anything, this is one the the great things to do in Ballito, a sunrise stroll that you can not beat.

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